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Our associated teams of accountants and lawyers are genuine hardcore litigation / negotiation experts who have dealt with and acted for ultra high net worth individuals, companies and associated directors in dealing with HMRC Cop 9 investigations and Civil Recovery Orders instigated by the National Crime Agency, Serious Fraud Office and other agencies alleging Tax evasion, money laundering and all sorts of combined criminal type allegations brought pursuant to POCA legislation in the civil arena in the High Court and in the Crown Court if matters are pursued by formal criminal charges.

We advise on emergency matters at short notice, Property Freezing Orders, confiscation and raids at your offices and home by all and any government agencies.

We have genuine expertise and adopt the SSS practice - strategy solution success which is our primary philosophy and the backbone of our practise. We will never leave you on your own in difficult times and promise to deliver winning strategies and mitigation advice which will result in success even in the most difficult situations.

If you are subject to any form of investigation relating to the above matters please make contact immediately and let Centum take your headache and problems allowing you to continue to focus on your day to day business whilst we fight to protect your business and assets against unwarranted and unmeritorious attacks against your hard earned wealth and businesses.

We offer a free and confidential initial consultation.