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Tax Investigation & Forensic Accounting
with Centum Tax

Facing a tax investigation or forensic accounting scrutiny is both stressful and complex. Centum Tax offers specialised assistance in managing such issues, leveraging our team of hardcore litigation and negotiation experts. Whether you're dealing with HMRC investigations or more severe allegations like fraud, our teams of accountants and lawyers will guide you through the complex landscape to protect your assets and reputation.

Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

Don't wait to secure peace of mind and financial stability. Get in touch with us today for a free initial consultation tailored to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Our multi-faceted approach includes the following key services, each meticulously designed to meet your unique needs:

Personal Tax Investigation

Assistance and representation for individuals facing tax audits or scrutiny.

Fraud Investigation

Expert advice and strategies for dealing with allegations of fraud.

Civil Recovery Orders

Defence against allegations brought by National Crime Agencies, Serious Fraud Offices, and other governmental bodies.

Cop9 Management

Specialised services for handling Code of Practice 9 investigations

Company Tax Investigation

Comprehensive support for businesses navigating complex corporate tax issues.

Forensic Accounting

Advanced financial analysis to support legal processes or investigations.

Property Freezing and Confiscation

Immediate action and advice to protect your assets during an investigation.

Government Raids

Swift response to raids at your offices or home by any governmental agency.

Why Choose Centum Tax for
Tax Investigation & Forensic Accounting?


Our team includes specialists in tax law and forensic accounting, ensuring you have top-notch advice.


We maintain the strictest confidentiality in handling your case.

Winning Strategies

We operate based on our primary philosophy - SSS: Strategy, Solution, Success

Free Initial Consultation

Understanding the intricacies of each case, we offer a free and confidential initial consultation to evaluate your situation and propose an action plan tailored to your needs.

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